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When you are in the mood to watch a new movie, you ask your friends and family for good movie suggestions. But they might not provide you with movie suggestions that you are in the mood to watch. Here to help you get movie suggestions based on the genre you are interested in, is a web service called Suggest Me Movie.

instant movie suggestions

You can start using the service right away, without needing to create any accounts on it. The homepage presents a random movie suggestion when you first visit it. You can set filters for suggestions; these filters include the movie’s year, genre, site’s user rating, and IMDb rating. You can also specify cast members and other things you want the movie to include. A movie suggestion is presented quickly and you can read its details.


The details of the suggestion include its plot, tags, director, cast, and the option to leave a vote for the movie. You can also view a trailer of the movie that the site fetches from YouTube.


To get another suggestion based on your filters, simply click on the blue button that says “Suggest me another movie.” In case you simply want to browse the site for random movie suggestions, you can view its latest entries or its most popular ones.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides you with movie suggestions.
  • You can set filters for the suggestions.
  • Filters include movie year, genre, and user ratings.
  • Provide movie details and trailers for suggestions.

Check out SuggestMeMovie @ 

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