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SugarSync SugarSync 2.0 Sports New Look, Even Easier to Use [Giveaway] SugarSync 2.0 Sports New Look, Even Easier to Use [Giveaway] Today, SugarSync 2.0 has been redesigned to be even easier to use. It's more intuitive than ever before and provides better control over shared files and folders compared to its major competitors, including Dropbox. I'll... Read More has just released a massive update to its iOS application with a spanking new layout. The update also includes a greatly improved menu system that streamlines access to files stored in the cloud through the service.

The new iOS layout has adopted the same design philosophy as the desktop application; the overall goal of the new design is simplicity, with everything placed in what should be the most logical and convenient location possible. The look and feel also matches the app’s desktop counterpart, right down to the color scheme.

Like so many other iOS applications, SugarSync’s hidden drawer is revealed with a swipe from the side of the screen.  In here, all the options for managing files are contained. Everything from the content of your drive, all the way to files shared with you are tucked away in this handy, easy to access menu.

The file system looks very similar to that of Dropbox, and SugarSync has also simplified the process of sharing files. In the new menu, options such as “Shared By Me” and “Shared With Me” make it easy to see the files being shared across your devices and with other users, which streamlines one of the app’s best features.

The update also adds a useful a search function, which should prove especially valuable for users with a large amount of files stored on the service. The search even groups files, so it’s about as easy as it’s going to get to find what you need and get on with your day.


What do you think of the new version of SugarSync?

Source: Sugar Sync Blog via TheNextWeb

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