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SugarStats is a free web service that allows anyone with diabetes to manage, share and track blood sugar levels online. It has a simple interface to enter and access data from anywhere. Users can keep a record of foods, medications and activities, create graphs and trends to better understand diabetes development, view and add entries from cellphone, and exchange messages with family and diabetic support squad.

Even though SugarStats encourages members to share their data and get additional support, they can always change their privacy settings and choose whom to share their information with.

track blood sugar

Main Features:

  • Tracking blood sugar levels made simple.
  • Record and manage your medication, food and activity.
  • Visualize your development through graphs and trends.
  • Share your stats with your family, friends or medical doctor.
  • Input data through, web, email or even Twitter.
  • Free and easy to use.

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