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File and list your complaint against corporate companies. SueEasy makes it easy to find and join other victims in a class action lawsuit, and get help from Class Action lawyers on suing corporate America. No Yellow Pages scrambling, frantic phone calls or confusing internet searches. Let the lawyers contact you instead.

class action lawsuit

So if you’re having problem with one or the other corporate entity, try searching for it on SueEasy and see if you can find anyone else in a similar situation. Then you can join others for a class action lawsuit.


  • File a complaint and grievances against corporate companies online.
  • Find people in similar situation, join them and get help from Class Actions lawyers.
  • Search and browse complaints submitted by other users.
  • Available only within US.

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  1. Mubanga Chipalo
    December 17, 2008 at 3:19 am

    My complaint is against because they have place capture on my acount as a result as a blind person Iam unable to send out e-mails or forward my documents to my friends and workmates since I can not see characters shown in the box. Now since my company pays for the service they provide to me is it possible for the Yahoo management to compasate me with some money for disturbing me?

  2. Shaikh Gayas Nizakatullah
    October 7, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Respected sir,

    my name is Shaikh Gayas Nizakatullah and i had been cheated by 3 big companies.
    i got mail by yahoo that i had won yahoo promotional online lottery and i have to send all my information regarding my name,mobile number,nationality,address,etc.
    After sending all that information they reply me with option of payment through courier services of belonging to SKYNET COURIER.
    I even got a call from a manager of SKYNET COURIER regarding my parcel option.He told me to choose my parcel option and pay the delivery charges to thier agent staying in INDIA. delivery charges are 1000GBP after paying that amount they want the receipt to scanned to thier email address.
    I had done all things accordingly and mailed the receipt ,then on the same day they mailed me all the information regarding my parcel when it is going to despatch and reached to me.
    On next morning they send me a mail that BRITISH GOVT. had imposed a ban on all treasury bill sending via courier services.they again ask me 1500GBP to get my money tranfer directly to my account in INDIA .
    After that they are asking for more and more money to get my money transfer to my account ,now fell to be cheated and want to fight legally with them and i am having all evidence with me.
    SO will you please help me.

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