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You might have movies stored on your computer. If they are in a foreign language or if their audio volume is too low, then having the movie’s subtitles can greatly help to understand the story. While there are a number of techniques to find subtitles of a given movie, the easiest one is through Subtitles 1.1.

finding subtitles

Subtitles 1.1 is a freeware program sized at only 542KB and compatible with Windows computers. After installing it, there will be no new icon or shortcut additions to your desktop or Start Menu. But whenever you right-click on a video file, you will find a new entry in the context menu that will say “Look for Subtitles.”

Hover your mouse pointer over this entry then select your language. This action will begin a subtitles search for the selected movie and language on their website right away.

Key Features:

Check out Subtitles 1.1 @


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  1. Kevin
    July 17, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    This website is crazy as hell!

    Ever since I've been reading on here daily, I've found the maddest stuff, from a program to control your computer with a webcam, to this article that makes finding subtitles a breeze.

    Keep up the very good work, MakeUseOf! This is the best site ever. :-)