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Bing’s Hometown Homepage Photo Contest is on till September 3rd and you can now submit your best snaps to have a chance at winning the top prize. The photo contest has been launched to celebrate World Photography Day and Bing is partnering with Discovery Communications to “explore and uncover wonders around the world each and every day”.  As the name indicates, the contest is about your hometown…whichever part of the world that may be in. Any photo that captures the uniqueness and beauty of your city, town, or village is on par for the photo contest. It can be a landmark, or it can be anything that captures the spirit of the locale.

The contest started on August 19th and will run till September 3rd. Interested participants can submit one of their own photos to the new Bing Homepage App on Facebook. The winners will be announced on September 10th. The top prize will be awarded on the basis of viewer votes. The winner will have his or her photo featured on the Bing homepage on October 1st. The tangible awards are also appealing — a new Nokia Lumia 1020, 500px membership and canvas of the winning photo. Plus, on the same day, Bing and The Nature Conservancy will celebrate the winner’s participation and hometown pride by hosting a day of service in their hometown.


It could be a photo you took some time back; it could be an impromptu snap; or it could be a photo you plan to take with some forethought.

As World Photography Day founder Korske Ara says:

Learning to create beautiful photographs is a lifelong journey and there’s always something new to learn, see and capture.

Source: Bing Blog | Image Credit: Kris Krug

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