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StumbleVideo is a video entertainment service from all-beloved StumbleUpon. With over 2 mil. registered members, it’s the biggest video recommendation service on the web.

The idea behind StumbleVideo is fairly simple, you tell it what you like and it will try to serve you best videos matching your tastes. Not only is shows you relevant videos (ex; Cars, Dancing, etc.) but also the ones that were rated ‘Thumbs Up’ by several other viewers. To get started all you need to do, is to register with StumbleUpon and indicate your interests. Once done, you can start stumbling (automatically going from one recommended video to another by pressing ‘Stumble’ button).

StumbleVideo Features

  • Watch videos in Full-Screen mode
  • Stumble through videos by channel (Internet, Computers, Dancing, Animation, Cars, Fashion, etc)
  • Rate videos by rating them Thumbs Up/Down to train the system about your taste and hence serve you even better videos in the future.
  • Search for videos
  • Share videos with friends without leaving the page

Note: StumbleVideo is only one side of StumbleUpon, one you register and install StumbleUpon toolbar you’ll be able to enjoy not only user-recommended videos but websites and images as well.

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