StumbleUpon Completely Revamps iOS App, With Android Version Coming Soon [Updates]

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Being widely popular several years ago, StumbleUpon is definitely down from its previous glory. This might change, however, with the release of a completely revamped StumbleUpon app for iPhone and iPad. The new design of the app leaves almost nothing untouched, and brings a lighter and more colorful interface that could entice you to start stumbling again.

When you first load the app you’ll find yourself in a well-designed, bright homepage, with clear options, a menu, and sharing features. You can start stumbling immediately by sliding your finger on the screen. The stumble button is now positioned at a prominent spot at the bottom, along with the usual like and dislike buttons. On the top of the page, you’ll see which interests you’re currently stumbling, and an intriguing colorful strip: this is your StumbleDNA.

As you like and dislike content, your StumbleDNA changes colors. Each of your interests is represented as a color in the strip, and the more content you like from a topic, the more prominent its corresponding color would become. Theoretically, you can learn something from checking out other people’s StumbleDNA, if you actually remember which color represents which interest.

The new app also includes “Slide” previews for webpages, so you can get a glimpse of them before they’re even loaded, and much easier navigation overall. The home screen is more dynamic, and changes according to trending websites, as well as your changing interests. And what about Android, you ask? Good question. According to StumbleUpon, Android users can expect to enjoy a new version “this fall”, which should mean pretty soon.

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Download: The new StumbleUpon for iOS from iTunes.

What do you think of the new design? Tell us in the comments.

Source: StumbleUpon Blog

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I like the new design but found the app now almost useless for me without the option to ‘read later’ integration. A big mistake!

Yaara Lancet

Hmmm, I didn’t remember this feature from the old version of the app. If they really did remove it, that is a mistake. I don’t have my iPad handy right now to check again.


Damian Kope?

Ok, what I miss the most now is a mobile site..



flower king

I like the new interface..



It’s time to download it :D

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