StumbleUpon Redesigns & Launches Its iPad App [News]

stumbleuponicon   StumbleUpon Redesigns & Launches Its iPad App [News]The web discovery and bookmarking site, StumbleUpon, has launched its redesigned app for the iPad. ¬†The updated 1.4 version has the popular magazine style navigation, similar to apps like Zite, Flipboard, and Pulse.¬† The new StumpleUpon app features were moved around, with larger menu bar buttons near the top of the home page for quicker access to Friends, Photos, Videos, and News. The latest version invites greater of use of hand navigation for the iPad, in which you can navigate through “Your Interests” and thumbnail views of your friends by simply swiping those elements forward and backwards on the screen.

In the same fashion, you can move forward and backwards, from one “stumbled upon” article to the next, by swiping a page left or right. This is easier and faster perhaps than hitting the Stumble! button at the top-left of the each page. Unfortunately however, you must move your hand to the top of the page to vote up or down an article. It would be great if you could simply three-finger tap a page to “Like it,” and two-finger tap to “Dislike it.”

stumbleupon   StumbleUpon Redesigns & Launches Its iPad App [News]

The Star button at the bottom of the app allows you to quickly access your list of “Liked” articles. While you’re viewing a page, you can easily switch modes, say from Friends to Photos, by tapping the Mode button at the top of the app. You can also see what others have liked and may have commented on while you explore.¬†Similar to the prior version of Stumbleupon, you can share selected articles via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, etc.

IMG 0537   StumbleUpon Redesigns & Launches Its iPad App [News]

The new version is designed for both iPad and the iPhone, running iOS 3.0 or later.

Source : Stumbleupon Blog

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