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Is the new grid-like layout so popularized by Pinterest the new face of Web 2.0? StumbleUpon has changed its look and it has invited all users to try out the makeover in its beta page. This change follows in the wake of the recent launch of its completely revamped iOS app StumbleUpon Completely Revamps iOS App, With Android Version Coming Soon [Updates] StumbleUpon Completely Revamps iOS App, With Android Version Coming Soon [Updates] Being widely popular several years ago, StumbleUpon is definitely down from its previous glory. This might change, however, with the release of a completely revamped StumbleUpon app for iPhone and iPad. The new design of... Read More last week. And it is easy to make out the design points which have been adopted for the web version as well. The grid layout helps to place visuals in focus and it is something StumbleUpon hopes its users will adapt rapidly.

If you land on the beta page you will see that the page has four tabs on top that help to showcase the topics a user likes, the activity of those you follow, what’s trending across StumbleUpon, and lists. The Lists feature has been introduced after the community clamored for it. It allows users to aggregate personal stumbles into distinct categories.

StumbleUpon Vice President of Product Cody Simms said:

“We have a design that allowed [content] to jump into the forefront of the user experience. The layout going into beta, puts content front and center and should make it easier for users to scan their StumbleUpon homepage quickly to find the things most interesting to them.”

The whole idea behind the design changes is to give users more ways to find information and inject vibrancy. Will StumbleUpon succeed in grabbing the eyeballs when it jumps from beta to its final release soon?

Source: The Washington Post


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