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Welcome to another edition of “Stuff I Found On The Web“. In today’s edition, we will be looking at geeky pranks you can carry out on your friends and co-workers, how fast food joints make their food advertising look so much more appealing than reality, a Kickstarter project that wants to make a cellphone pack to defeat the NSA, and a German boy who found a mummy in the attic.

Geeky Pranks

Our friends over at How-To Geek are big fans of geeky pranks and this page shows 10 of the best ones.  From making the person believe their computer is shutting down due to an overload of porn on their computer, making them believe that Linux has been installed on their computer instead of Windows, or changing the keyboard layout, this page shows you some easy tricks that you can pull on your friends and co-workers, without them wanting blood revenge in return.

Just make sure that the person you are going to trick has a sense of humour!  Otherwise you could be in a spot of trouble.

We here at MakeUseOf like harmless pranks as well.  See here for a huge list of possibilities.  It just goes to show that you don’t need to wait for April 1st if you want to wind someone up.

Deceptive Fast Food Adverts Versus Reality


If you often eat fast food, you may have wondered why what you receive bears absolutely no relation to what you see on the menu boards.  Like Michael Douglas wondered when he wandered into a fast food joint with his machine gun…..

To their credit, McDonalds in Canada decided to address this question directly by showing you what goes on with the burgers that appear in the advertising.  It’s quite an eye-opener.

Total fakery or legitimate advertising?  I’ll let you decide on that one.  Personally I couldn’t stop laughing when the lady said “aboot!”.  It reminded me of the scene in South Park when the Canadian government was ridiculed by the United Nations for saying “aboot” all the time.

German Boy Finds A Mummy In His Grandmother’s Attic

I’m not sure whether to file this one under “cool!” or “uuurgh!”.  A 10 year old German boy goes up into his grandmother’s attic and finds 3 cases in the corner.  The grandmother has no idea what is inside them so the boy opens them up – to find a mummy and some Egyptian artefacts.  It is believed that the grandfather went travelling to Africa in the 1950’s and brought the mummy back.

Now whether the boy found this cool or whether he is now sobbing to a therapist, I have no idea.  But the question on my lips is “how can someone live in the house since before the 1950’s and not realise that they have a mummy in the attic?”.  Have they never cleaned the attic out in 60 years?

OFF Pocket – A Privacy Accessory For Mobile Phones

With all the hoo-hah over the NSA reading our emails and listening to our phone calls (like I care if the NSA listens to me ordering takeaway pizza), an inventor on Kickstarter has designed something called the “OFF Pocket”, which is a bag that you can place your phone into, and instantly the phone is off – “untrackable” and “untraceable” according to the inventor.  Whether or not you get a free tinfoil hat as well to block the signals is unclear.

If you absolutely must go off the grid and become invisible, you will have to plonk down 85 crisp banknotes to get your hands on one of these bags.  The Kickstarter project runs until the end of the month and they are almost halfway to their goal of $35,000.  So things are looking good for the Deep Throats of the world.

Before we go, here is a bonus link for you.  According to a new investigation of the Kennedy assassination, the mysterious “second bullet” (which gave rise to the theory of more than one gunman) came from none other than a Secret Service agent who panicked when Oswald fired and he accidently hit President Kennedy.  According to this theory, the Secret Service covered up the incident to spare them the humiliation of having hit the man they were supposed to protect.  The agent in question is now dead so he can’t defend himself (how convenient) and naturally the Secret Service is pouring scorn on the theory. So the theory will remain exactly that – a theory. But it would be interesting to see “JFK – The Sequel” with Oliver Stone’s take on it.

That’s all from “Stuff I Found On The Web” today.  If you have any links you would like me to consider for this column, send them to me via Twitter and I will take a look.

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  1. Yudono R
    August 18, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    They should cleaned the attic more often from now on :))

  2. Lisa O
    August 8, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    That mummy is that mummy a valuable one? Uhh, as much as I think I have adventure blood running in my vein, I don't think mummy makes a good souvenir.

    • Mark O'Neill
      August 9, 2013 at 8:30 am

      They have no idea yet if it is even genuine. It is being taken to a lab to be tested. As to value, no idea on that one either. I am not an expert. But I would imagine it would be worth something. After all, you are not able to just pick up a mummy on eBay - they are pretty rare!!

      Considering it is a dead body though, I personally find it very disrespectful towards the deceased that their body is being traded as a souvenir.

  3. Pooky J
    August 7, 2013 at 7:51 am

    I type in Dvorak BTW.