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After a brief hiatus, “Stuff I Found On The Web” is back in business.  Today for your viewing pleasure, we have Excel shortcuts, flying teabags, a crazy dude texting people, and a coffee machine that gives out free coffee when you yawn.

Do you have any links you want to share?  Then send them to me via Twitter and I will check them out.  No naughty NSFW stuff though. God is watching.

Excel Shortcuts & Functions

If there is one Microsoft Office program which I absolutely detest, it’s Excel.  I can never understand it or get it to work.  I’m convinced Bill Gates, when conceiving Microsoft Office, thought “Word is cool, so is Notepad, Outlook isn’t bad….but there’s something missing…..I know, let’s add something that will drive everyone utterly insane!  This is so EVIL!”

And what really drives me nuts are the smarty pants who sit and make Excel work exactly the way they want it to.  Then when I sit down and try, Excel gives me the error message “WTF man?  Are you fricking kidding me?

So if this describes you, then this cheatsheet of Excel shortcuts should do the trick.


Although, they don’t offer a downloadable version and instead tell you to print the webpage. Has Microsoft never heard of PDF?

The Ghost of Earl Grey Floating Teabags

I used to live not too far from Whitstable in England (I lived in the adjacent town, Herne Bay), so this next one struck a little too close to home for me! It seems that a shop in Whitstable has paranormal goings on, where boxes of teabags are levitating off the shelves and hitting customers.

Don’t believe me?  Check out the video proof :

Boxes hanging from strings or the real deal? Well you know who you need to call….


Those of you who run your own business may leave your mobile cellphone number in a public place, so people can call you up and enquire about your services. But there is a guy who texts these numbers, pretending to be a customer, and then proceeds to wreak havoc!

It’s mostly Craigslist ads that he targets so you may want to reconsider leaving your mobile cell number in these adverts, if you do any.

Cruel or not? Well, there’s something called “satire” and no phone numbers are ever revealed. So I guess whether or not it’s funny is a matter of personal preference.

It seems messing people around online is quite the thing these days with the email versions of Textastrophe being taken up by Emails From An A**hole and 27b/6. The latter famously tried to pay his chiropractor with an emailed picture of a spider, and when the chiropractor obviously refused to accept it, he asked for it back.

An Ingenious Coffee Machine

Marketing was never my thing, which is confirmed by the fact that I lasted half a day and failed to return from my lunch break. But there are some people out there that are damn good at marketing a product, which you can see from this next video clip of a coffee machine that gives out free coffee when you yawn to it.

It seems there is only one of these machines out there – at the O.R. Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. It dispenses Douwe Egberts coffee by scanning the face of the person standing in front of it, and if the person yawns, then the coffee is delivered. No yawn – no coffee. Sorry. But come on, I’m sure you can manage a convincing fake yawn if a free coffee is guaranteed.

And here it goes…..

I think I have given you plenty to read and think about today. The next issue of “Stuff I Found On The Web” will be on Thursday. Until then, enjoy today’s links and let me know in the comments what you think of it all.

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