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Are you looking for an online study companion that does not feel like you’re studying? Then you should check out Studyboost. This website helps teachers provide study questions for students in an interactive format such as SMS, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger , Google Talk and more.


The saved study questions are delivered to the students’ preferred network where they can readily answer them. To start, just create a bunch of study questions and save them as a batch. You can add as many batches of study questions as you like. Then just select one of your many batches to activate it. Once your students add Studyboost to their chat network, they just need to type in the activation key to answer the study questions. In the end, it feels like you are studying with someone online as you answer the questions via chat.

Studyboost lets you add friends to your network, and invite friend through Facebook. You can also use publicly available study questions  within Studyboost by browsing the latest batches or selecting the category.

Studyboost is a cool app that provides a credible study aid since it makes studying online fun.

Demo video:



  • Study interactively with text and IM.
  • Add your own study questions and share them.
  • Answer study questions with your favorite IM network.
  • Configure how the study questions interact with the chat client.
  • Create study groups.

Check out StudyBoost @

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