Strobox: View & Share Photos With Their Lighting Setups

Lighting plays a vital role when it comes to taking a good picture. Sites like Flickr let you view billions of photos and some of them are really amazing but there is no way for you to know how that photo was shot. Strobox is a photo sharing community that focuses on sharing photos with lighting schemes.

strobox1   Strobox: View & Share Photos With Their Lighting Setups

Start by viewing the photo gallery and then click on any picture to see a complete lighting diagram and the details of the equipment and settings used. The lighting diagram can easily be created by using the Strobox iPhone app. You can search photos by the type of light used or by category. Interact with other users by posting comments on photos or share your genius by uploading photos to Strobox.

strobox   Strobox: View & Share Photos With Their Lighting Setups


  • View photos along with their lighting schemes.
  • Upload your own photos.
  • Ask questions or post comments on photos.
  • Search by category or type of light used.
  • Browse through recently uploaded images.
  • Similar tools: Sylights, ShotAddict, LightingDiagrams and Strobox.

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