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They say that a lightning never strikes the same place twice. Nonetheless, some places get struck more often that others. Now, with the help of lightning activity map StrikeStar you can check the areas in US most frequently hit by lightnings in the last 60 minutes. This data is collected from participating users all over the country who report on lightnings in their area with a help of special lightning detector software.

View the frequency and type of strikes on charts displayed to the left. Each strike has a different color based on its type (cloud-to-ground / cloud-to-cloud) and charge (positive/negative). Browse more detailed statistics for different US regions (NorthWest US, South Central US etc) from the tabs above.

lightning activity map


  • Lightning activity in US over the last 60 minutes
  • View frequency and type of strikes on real-time charts
  • Browse detailed data for different US geographical regions
  • Free, no sign up

Check out StrikeStar @

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