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There are hundreds of ways to access films and TV shows. Unfortunately, searching for the content is sometimes difficult. Solving this dilemma is where Stremio comes in. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, the free service allows you to find and watch video content from your local hard drive and online, all in one place. Here’s a look at what Stremio 3.6 can do for you.

Get Stremio and try it out; download it for free.

Discovering Content

With Stremio, you can set up a library of movies, series, YouTube Use This Awesome Web App to Make the Best Videos on YouTube Use This Awesome Web App to Make the Best Videos on YouTube Ever felt the urge to launch a YouTube channel, only to find that the results don't quite pass muster? A new web app called Showbox is the answer. Read More channels, and TV channels. You can find titles through the service’s search feature, clicking “add to library” to begin making your list. You can also add titles through the Stremio app for iOS. With the YouTube app, you watch all your favorite videos without any ads, which will let you jump between videos quickly.

stremio discover

As you add new entries, The Board notifies you of new episodes from your favorite series, as well as new videos. You’ll also see series and movie recommendations based on what’s already in your library as well as what’s trending online. You can also add content using your Facebook account, and track your usage through Trakt.

The Board is Stremio’s secret sauce because it develops over time based on your recommendations. Think of it as a great place to find an endless stream of video content.


Stremio uses in-house module Cinemeta to provide information on each title. It pulls TV show and movie information from IMDB, TheTVDB, TheMovieDB, and For example, TV show listings include episode titles and descriptions, cast members, and current IMDB ratings.

Want to know when a future episode of “Game of Thrones” airs? Hop over to The Calendar, which lists each upcoming episode by month and date. You can also export this calendar through iCal, where applicable.


Information on movies includes the cast and director, year of production, duration, IMDB rating, summary, and similar titles. You also have access to each title’s official trailer.

About those TV Channels

Stremio features “add-on” packages that enhance your experience. One of these, Filmon TV, features 300 live TV channels from around the globe, including AP, Newsmax TV, and The Horror Channel. StreamFeed is a similar add-on package.

stremio tv

Some channels are blocked depending on your location, but regardless of where you are, you’ll find quite a few channels available.

About the Movies

Though it covers TV shows, Stremio is most focused on movie discovery. For this, it uses an add-on called Guidebox. With Guidebox, users in the United Kingdom and the United States can see where a movie is offered online.


Official Stremio streams include iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Hulu, and Google Play. A Netflix 6 Key Tools to Get the Most Out of Netflix 6 Key Tools to Get the Most Out of Netflix Browsing Netflix for the best movies to watch is like a treasure hunt. When finding the perfect streaming title is difficult, use these 6+ tools to make Netflix easier to use. Read More add-on is also available.

More About Add-Ons

Stremio’s add-on system allows third-party (or community) developers to add tools for extra functionality. For now, the list of add-ons is limited. Besides StreamFeed and Netflix, there is also Vodo, Juan Carlos Torrents, and Popcorn Time Apple Refuses to Help the FBI, Popcorn Time Returns... [Tech News Digest] Apple Refuses to Help the FBI, Popcorn Time Returns... [Tech News Digest] Apple stands up for personal privacy, the original Popcorn Time gets resurrected, Kanye West learns the price of piracy, Sega gives games away on Steam, and play Pong on your Apple Watch. Read More , among a few others.

The first of these offers indie content, as well as older, public domain movie titles. The second comes in handy when you want to watch new releases with subtitles. With the Popcorn Time add-on, you can watch the same content (YTS and EZTV) that was once available on the Popcorn app. 

MakeUseOf and Stremio do not encourage piracy.

stremio Add-on-catalogue

Stremio add-ons are easy to add. All it takes is a single click. Better still, the add-on system doesn’t add extra code to your computer. Rather, add-ons run via a web browser. This added security is important, especially for those with privacy concerns.

To encourage third-party developers to create add-ons, Stremio has invested in a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) video streaming engine based on performance and versatility. Add-ons feature full HD/4K video on demand or live streaming.

Watching the content

Once you find your content, it’s time to relax and be entertained. You can watch Stremio content on your computer, or through Chromecast 4 Chromecast Mistakes That Could Be Embarrassing or Worse 4 Chromecast Mistakes That Could Be Embarrassing or Worse The great thing about Chromecast is that it's simple, fast and easy to use. However, as you'll see, this is also its achilles heel when it comes to privacy... Read More and AirPlay. Casting is also available to Apple TV Still Unsure If You Need an Apple TV? Here’s What It Can Do Still Unsure If You Need an Apple TV? Here’s What It Can Do On the fence about what seems like yet another expensive Apple purchase? Check out what you can do with an Apple TV and decide for yourself. Read More , smart televisions (DLNA/UPnP), and select mobile devices. Content is provided in high-definition where available.

stremio good-dino

To begin watching content, visit the Guidebox screen for the TV show or movie title you wish to view. From there, select the play button and choose from the available streams.

Most streams in Stremio play from their original location. For example, movies rented from iTunes play inside of the iTunes application, just as Amazon Video content How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to Watch Offline How to Download Amazon Prime Videos to Watch Offline Amazon has announced that Instant Video now allows offline viewing of movies and television shows on Android and iOS devices, and we have the full lowdown on how you can initiate this fantastic feature. Read More plays through the website. In some cases, however, the content runs through the Stremio application’s built-in video player. Torrents are the most obvious example of this.

stremio deadpool-stremio

When viewing a video through Stremio, you may select from different languages, add subtitles, and activate casting. You can also share your video via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and email.

Can’t finish watching a title right now? Stremio automatically adds each title to your library for later use.


Looking for a next-generation media player? Take a look at Stremio, which is available across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This one-stop solution includes some unique tools, including The Board and Guidebox. With Stremio add-ons, the service is likely to grow even larger in the coming months and years.

Give Stremio a try – you can download Stremio from the company’s official site.

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