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If you own a blog that hosts music files, then your site visitors will appreciate a tool that helps them stream that music just like in an online audio player. Normally to build such a player on your blog you have to extensively code up a widget. But thanks to Streampad, adding an audio player to your site requires no programming knowledge at all.

Streampad is a simple web tool for blogs working under the platforms of Tumblr, WordPress, TypePad, and Blogger. All you do is select your blog type and follow the instructions of the web tool. WordPress users need only install the Streampad plugin whereas other blog owners have only to embed the provided code.

With this done your blog will now have an audio streaming toolbar that will let visitors stream the site’s music and automatically view artist information and cover art. Customization options of the toolbar will help you match the bar’s color scheme with your blog.

stream music on your blog

streaming music on your website



  • A user friendly web service for streaming music on your website.
  • Adds an audio player toolbar to your blog.
  • The toolbar’s colors are customizable.
  • Similar tools: Yahoo! Media Player.

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