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webos appsIf you’re the owner of an HP TouchPad, you should probably be aware that despite the manufacturer not being quite sure what to do with the device or the webOS platform, there are many users currently enjoying this tablet computer So You Bought A TouchPad: 5 Uses For Your "Dead" Tablet PC So You Bought A TouchPad: 5 Uses For Your "Dead" Tablet PC The dust has settled and by now you should either be bitterly disappointed or overjoyed at the bargain you just snagged. If you were lucky enough to grab yourself a firesale HP TouchPad or are... Read More on a daily basis.

Ideal for all manner of portable computing tasks and with games also available, webOS is a flexible operating system that HP plans to offer to the user community under an open source licence. This at least should enable continued development on the platform and software to run on it, but in the meantime there are various useful apps that can help to enhance access to the apps that are already available.

One such tool is App Tuckerbox, basically a utility that adjusts the way in which you can view and install apps by adding previously restricted application index feeds to your webOS device.

What Does WebOS App Tuckerbox Do?

Essentially, App Tuckerbox enables users to find information about and install apps that might be region locked or restricted from specific devices. One particularly popular piece of software that can be installed in this way is the Amazon Kindle app, currently restricted from installation via the HP App Catalog in territories outside of North America (the current method of installation The Secret To Turning Your HP TouchPad Tablet Into An Amazon Kindle The Secret To Turning Your HP TouchPad Tablet Into An Amazon Kindle It’s the tablet that wouldn’t die, the device that kept coming back for more, and despite HP’s dithering over whether they would continue to support webOS or not, the HP TouchPad has exceeded expectations thanks... Read More is via webOS Quick Install).

This is only one example, however. App Tuckerbox also allows you to override device-specific instructions; you might use this to install software intended for the Palm Pre on a HP TouchPad, for instance, although of course you would do so at your own risk.

All in all this is a useful utility that can further enhance the way you use your TouchPad or other webOS device.


Preparing Your Touchpad for App Tuckerbox

Using Windows or Mac OS X you can install App Tuckerbox on a HP TouchPad (or webOS phone) that has already been developer unlocked and has had Preware installed. The steps in this guide focus on running App Tuckerbox on a HP TouchPad with a Windows computer.

webos apps

To proceed you will need to install the utility via Preware or webOS Quick Install. Our full guide to updating the HP TouchPad and installing Preware HP TouchPad Setup Guide Part 1: Speed Up Your Tablet With Preware, Homebrew & Patches [WebOS] HP TouchPad Setup Guide Part 1: Speed Up Your Tablet With Preware, Homebrew & Patches [WebOS] Welcome to WebOS, an operating system that will never compare to iOS for speed. Many believed that WebOS 3.0 would have real potential in the portable market - but HP WebOS went wrong somewhere. Luckily... Read More will give you the full details on preparing for this step.

Configuring App Tuckerbox

With Preware installed you can use the search facility in the software to find and download App Tuckerbox – alternatively you can simply sideload using webOS Quick Install (which is quicker if you have your TouchPad connected to your computer).

With App Tuckerbox installed, launch the tool from the Downloads screen.

web os apps

You will then need to follow the various prompts to register your device with the App Tuckerbox servers; this requires the sending of your email address, device number and an authorization code in encrypted form (namely RSA with a 4096 bit key); so if you have any concerns about this you have the option to back out.

web os apps

After registration is complete, tap the Configure Preware Feeds button, which will update Preware accordingly. When you next launch Preware, open the menu and select Manage Feeds and check that the palm-beta, palm-catalog and palm-web feeds are enabled. Then use the Update Feeds option in the menu to add these to Preware.

webos apps

Once configured, you shouldn’t need to access App Tuckerbox again, simply download the apps you require via Preware.

Finding & Installing Apps

Using Preware you should be able to find suitable apps either grouped in their categories or via the search function. When an app that you like the look of is listed, you can tap it to display further information. Remember that those listed will be both official titles from the HP App Catalog and homebrew apps.

When you’re ready to add an app to your device, click the Install button; the main HP App Catalog will then launch, allowing you to purchase the app in question. Any apps that aren’t already available via the catalog will be downloaded and installed directly via Preware.

This is a great way to streamline the addition of previously restricted apps to your HP TouchPad. Let us know if it works for you or if you know of an alternative method that works even better.

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