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The person who is designated to plan the meetups and events definitely has the hardest job.  They have to send out the invitations, co-ordinate everyone’s replies, and make sure everyone turns up on time. Inevitably there will be someone who is late, or who has forgotten the meeting altogether.  An iOS app called Together! aims to minimise any potential difficulties to ensure a much more smoother event.

plan events effectively

The app allows you to set up “circles” of friends and then you can invite a particular circle to an event.  You can send one single message to the entire circle, so this eliminates the need for multiple emails or texts. On the day of the event, everyone gets a reminder of the event, so the chances of anyone forgetting to come, will also be minimised.  The reminder will have a map showing how to get there so no-one will get lost either (unless the person can’t read a map obviously).


You can also group message, post event photos and scan each person’s individual QR code to add them to a circle as a “friend”.



  • Free to use iOS app.
  • Streamline the organising of events and meetups.
  • Set up circles of friends and invite that circle to an event.
  • A reminder and a map on the day of the event ensures that each invitee does not forget to come.
  • Similar sites: GiddyUp, SynkMonkey, NeedtoMeet, MeetWithAgenda and TimeBridge.

Check out Together! @!/id493733771?mt=8

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