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Get access to lots of live streams from across the web, all without picking up a keyboard. StreamFree is a Boxee plugin that aims to make live streaming more accessible from your couch.

International news addicts no doubt already know about Boxee’s LiveStation plugin Watch Streaming Live TV News Online with Livestation Watch Streaming Live TV News Online with Livestation Read More , which gives users access to a plethora of international news stations. You probably even know how to watch sports not broadcast in your country How To Watch Sports Not Broadcast In Your Country How To Watch Sports Not Broadcast In Your Country Read More using the web. StreamFree offers a Boxee plugin with content from Justin.TV, uStream,, ChannelSurf and more, giving you access to live content that’s easy to browse from your couch.

StreamFree’s “LiveTV” works anywhere Boxee does, meaning you can use it on Linux, Mac and Windows computers as well as the Boxee box. Some of the free broadband TV streams offered are less legal than others, so use discretion.

Add Repository

The first thing you’ll need to do is add the repository found at to your Boxee setup. Go to “My Apps“, then press left until you get to the side menu. Click “Repositories“. You’ll see the option to add a repository. Click it, then you’ll see this pop-up:

Add the repo “” to get access to FreeStream’s collection of software. As of this writing all that there is is the StreamFree app, but more may come. Click the app, then click “Add To My App“. Feel free to also add a shortcut, if you’d like one.


This process may look a little different on the Boxee Box; I don’t have access to one for testing. StreamFree should work the same on that device as any other, however, so let’s take a look at the app.


Fire up the app and you’ll see a variety of media you can browse:

Justin.TV and uStream are front and center, with the former being broken down by category. But don’t think that what you see on the home page is all that you get; click left to browse other media sources:

Delicious Users gives you access to a variety of user-bookmarked streams, and there are a few things worth finding under “Other Feeds“. You can even browse for streams by the country of origin, useful for expatriates wanting a taste of home.

I’ve found that some streams work inconsistently, but there’s a lot here to explore. Have fun looking through the media and you’ll find something you like!


If you haven’t noticed, some of these streams aren’t exactly legal. It’s a shame most media companies don’t offer a legal way to watch live streams of their content online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should help yourself to free content. Use discretion in browsing these feeds. There is plenty of legal content to browse here, so explore and let me know what kind of highlights you stumble upon in the comments below.

Also feel free to let me know if you have a better source of live television, be it for Boxee or any other media app.

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