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Need to securely send a large file to a friend of yours? Check out StreamFile, this file transfer website lets you perform one-time transfers nearly 90% faster than traditional FTP server-to-client transfers. Simply select the file you want to transfer (up to 2GB in size), enter recipient’s email address and click “Stream your file”.

large file transfer website

The StreamFile will then forward a secure download URL (secured with AES 256-bit SSL encryption) to the recipient. The recipient can click the link and start downloading the file even before you’ve managed to finish uploading it.


  • Secure and fast online large file transfer.
  • Transfer as many files as you need. Maximum allowed file size is 2 GB.
  • Files are secured with AES 256-bit SSL encryption (used by most financial institutions).
  • Files stay available for download for 24 hours.
  • No sign-up or registration required.

Check out StreamFile @

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