StoreSlider: Best Way To Search Ebay

eBay users benefit greatly from the site as they can buy and sell almost anything. While the service is great, eBay’s search feature could use some speeding up. While those speed improvements can only be made by eBay, you can use StoreSlider as a faster search alternative to eBay’s native search.

store slider   StoreSlider: Best Way To Search Ebay

StoreSlider is a very simple to use website that aims to help you find things on eBay faster. Results are updated as you type in your query; because of this you might find your result before you have even fully typed in your query.

Search results can be refined by specifying the object’s category. You can also choose to show items with free delivery or the “Buy it Now” only option.

store slider1   StoreSlider: Best Way To Search Ebay

The results are displayed as image thumbnails; under the image you can see the item’s price and bids. The size of the images can be adjusted by a slider provided on the site.

store slider2   StoreSlider: Best Way To Search Ebay

Clicking on any thumbnail will open a new browser tab that takes you to the item’s eBay page.


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Thanks for this review, I’m glad you find the site useful! I’m working on adding new services (Etsy, Amazon to start), but would love any feedback on how I can make Store Slider better.

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Thanks for creating such nice service.