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search notesHere at MakeUseOf, we’ve went over a whole slew of note-taking applications. One that we’ve not gone over, and one that I really think is unique and stands apart from the rest, is a little gem I’ve found called CintaNotes.

Like Evernote, CintaNotes allows you to take everything you’d like to jot down and store it in one big database. From there, you can search and tag notes accordingly. Unlike Evernote though, CintaNotes is completely free. CintaNotes is downloaded in archive form and can be decompressed anywhere (even to your Dropbox) very quickly and easily.

search notes

Another big similarity between CintaNotes and note-taking giant Evernote is that you can specify hotkeys that will allow you to clip all selected text from any webpage.

store notes

While I’ve been comparing it to Evernote, one of the biggest advantages to CintaNotes vs. Evernote is the fact that it is completely 100% free. It relies solely on your hard drive space, and as long as you’ve got the space on your drive to hold millions of notes then you can do that. CintaNotes does not support clipping entire webpages or images like Evernote does however.


Like Windows Search, the search within CintaNotes begins with the inputted string as you begin to type it. Searching won’t take forever anymore and is limited by your hard drive. Your system may need a little extra “umph” to search cleanly and comfortably after you have a load of notes saved in your database, but it is a very solid and reliable feature.

search notes

CintaNotes’ tagging system is very powerful and has the same effect as just simply categorizing your notes. As you can see on the left-hand side of the GUI in those screenshots (where it is blurred), I’ve got many tags made. They’re good to work with and help you keep track of your collection of notes.

CintaNotes is constantly being developed and updated and they make sure to post notices on their forum every time something new comes out. CintaNotes and a flash drive is a great combination if you’re in school or use a flash drive regularly for work. CintaNotes for Dropbox is an even better pair, as Dropbox would act as both a synchronization and backup service for your database of notes. If you do choose to use CintaNotes alongside Dropbox, just know that the database file can get incredibly large and it will want to update and resync every time you edit your notes.

If you’ve previously just used Notepad to jot down your random thoughts and notes, I was in your boat. Trust me, CintaNotes is a big step in improvement as far as functionality and effectiveness goes. Being able to tag and search is a huge plus. Being able to add text from any webpage with a simple hotkey is great, also.

If you find that CintaNotes isn’t quite your cup of tea, check out some similar applications that we’ve gone over such as ZIM ZIM - A Desktop Wiki / Note Taking App [Linux, Windows] ZIM - A Desktop Wiki / Note Taking App [Linux, Windows] Read More , Simplenote, and Rmmbr.

Let us know what you think of this application in the comments.  Do you prefer to use something else or are you already a CintaNotes fan?

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