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Stop motion is a fun kind of animation that is created by linking a series of still images with subtle movements together. Some of the best films of our time have relied on stop motion to create the illusion of movement. Even Star Wars used a little stop motion animation. If you want to play around with some simple stop motion animation, you should take a look at Stop Frame Animator.

make stop motion animation

Stop Frame Animator is not a professional stop motion program. It is more like a fun toy that you can use in your browser to get a feel for how stop motion works. You are given a little figure you can move around, some backgrounds, sound effects, and objects you can drop in the world.


You move the objects a little bit and use the camera button to snap the frame. As you repeat this process, you will start to develop an actual animation. You can add props and sound effects to give your animations a more authentic feel. As I said, you are not going to use this to make TV quality animations, but you can certainly have some fun playing with it in your browser.



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