How To Stop Facebook From Tracking Everything You Do [Facebook Weekly Tips]

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stop facebook trackingFacebook has basically made a business out of knowing as much as they can possibly find out about everyone. So, tracking your behaviour online and offline makes perfect sense to them. However, it might not seem that rosy to you. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little privacy.

There are many ways Facebook is tracking you and it’s worth knowing how to block this tracking where possible and how to opt out when required. Sadly, it’s getting more and more complicated as time goes by. Here are the main ways Facebook keeps tabs on you and the best ways to stop them.

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is the proper way of describing how you log into various sites around the web using your Facebook login. Obviously, Facebook will be learning certain things about your web habits if you use Facebook Connect, so it’s best not to use it if you’re worried about how much Facebook knows about you. Each time you log into a site using Facebook Connect you essentially add that site’s app in Facebook. If you need more information on getting rid of Facebook applications, here’s an article on How To Remove Spam Apps & Ensure App Privacy.

Block Cookie Tracking

Facebook and many other social networks will often try to track you online by using cookies. It can even happen when you’re not logged into the site! However, it’s possible to block this tracking using several useful browser tools, such as Do Not Track Plus, Ghostery and Disconnect as noted in this article: How To Block Facebook And Other Social Networks From Tracking You Online.

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stop facebook tracking

Opt-Out Of Data Collection From Third Parties

Facebook has recently teamed up with a U.S. data collection agency called Datalogix in order to track consumer buying habits offline and online, then match them to Facebook data via email addresses. It seems to be a process designed to give advertisers better feedback on actual sales, but it does seem to push the boundaries of most people’s privacy expectations. Privacy groups are in fact against this process, but it’s too early to say whether they will manage to stop this form of tracking altogether.

There are a couple of things you can do to eliminate this sort of tracking. Firstly, you could ensure that you use a different email address and phone number for Facebook than the one you use for online purchases or retailers doing market research. Secondly, you can opt out from third-party tracking.

To opt-out of Datalogix tracking completely, which will cover the Facebook tracking among other things, head to their privacy page. Under the “Choice” heading, there’s an opt-out link for all Datalogix services which brings up the following form.

stop facebook tracking

You need to enter a small amount of information, but this will ensure that after a 30 day processing period you’re no longer tracked by Datalogix at all. I’m sure most privacy-conscious people would decide that it’s worth it.

Now, the big question is whether Facebook will be teaming up with similar third-party tracking agencies in other countries. If so, we may find ourselves having to opt-out of dozens of agencies across the world.

Should Facebook give us an opt-out for all tracking in the privacy controls? I certainly think so.

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Ahmed Khalil

nice artcle it is very important for me thanks


Siddhant Chaurasia

I stopped using Facebook because of this. But thank for sharing this anyways


Mac Witty

Thanks for instruction! Have heard about it but it have been “I’ll check and do it later” – thanks to you it is done now!


Dan Nowak

Nice article. Do this and then have Adblock Plus and Webmail Ad Blocker installed.

Boni Oloff

AdBlock will also block the advertisement in MOU :)

Boni Oloff

Many advertisement company try to track as much consumer as possible.
But what are they looking for?

Giggity Goebbels



James West

Its scary how much FaceBook can use of your data, and we just are not aware of it until some one shows us like this :-) Thanks


Dmitriy Haralson

Not sure how effective it is, but i got facebook disconnect extension for chrome…


John Schmitt

Just put fake information on Facebook. Your real friends will know you are screwing around!!


Ruben Marrero

Nice, thanks


Tina Burquest

I did exactly as the article suggested, clicked on CHOICE, and the message appeared immediately that I had opted out, No form to complete, nothing. Will this be standard practice because Im not from America?

Angela Alcorn

They may have changed it to do this because of all the non-US people trying to opt out. It certainly makes sense. :)


android underground

Can’t we just feed some Datalogix domain names to our Windows/Linux/Android hosts files so our phones and computers never connect with them?

Cutting off connections with advertising and analytics servers is what I do with AdSense, AdMob, Doubleclick, tradedoubler, and all those other companies that try to turn me into a product to sell to advertisers.

Angela Alcorn

That could be a good trick!



Well, best way to start logging in with other ID Providers like Google, Twitter, Hotmail etc. Its called social login, something what this startup offers – LoginRadius But I think users start using other IDs to log in and website owners should integrate them as well!!


Efi Dreyshner

The best way?
Don’t you use Facebook…


Paul Murray

Good artical, very useful, its good to know these things



I like this


amit gaurav

Nice article.

Though I feel that users knowingly or unknowingly put so much of data online that just by using the methods given above is not adequate. Moreover in this age of apps and social login it will be highly impossible to maintain privacy.

Like everything this privacy blocking has its own positives and negatives.

Will you not be happy when you get an email from unknown telling that the product that you were not aware or you were willing to buy but cannot afford is available and in EMIs or monthly installment and you get to buy the product without putting any additional effort.

The best way is to limit the uploaded data, avoid social login, put profiles private if you are concerned about your privacy and the best way do not have online profiles.

Angela Alcorn

Very true. But for now, we can at least try to make the companies that want to use us behave.


valentina podchasova

Reading highly professional MUO articles i am thinking how happy i am to have come across this extremely helpful for me material ! This is just in time for me,the beginner!Being on FB i had a lot of questions the answers to which i have successfuly found here,thanks to you! Valentina Podchasova

Angela Alcorn

Great to hear!


Ă‚dil FarĂ´Ă´q

very informative article thanks


cyrice gein

I know alot of people that have stopped using fb for many of these reasons and I always laugh because internet content is what you allow it to be. That’s the great thing about the internet at this moment, is the freedom to choose, which is unlike any other media out there. If you don’t like something you can change it. Keeping the internet free and out of government regulations is the most important thing that everyone needs to be concerned about. Great tips I will share with everyone.

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