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Modern digital cameras store their serial number in the metadata of pictures they take. If somebody who has stolen your digital camera shoots photos with it and uploads them to the web, you can use the serial number to track down the camera. An easy way you can do this is through is Stolen Camera Finder.

finding lost digital camera

Stolen Camera Finder is a free web service that searches for photos that have your stolen digital camera’s serial number stored in their metadata. If you know the camera’s serial number you can manually enter it into the site; otherwise you can drag a photo shot from the camera earlier into the site’s interface – the site then reads the serial number from the picture’s metadata. With the serial number obtained, the site crawls the web to look for any photos with your camera’s serial number in its metadata and then displays the links to you.

Stolen Camera Finder works for most digital cameras. For a complete list of supported models, refer to the tool’s website.

find lost digital camera



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