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Twitter users and stock traders have one thing in common – they are glued to their respective screens all the time. Monitoring latest stock updates and finding the latest tweets are almost the same activities (except that your money is not on the line in Twitter). However, what if you can get instant tweets on your stock?  Enter StockTwits, a cool community where you can get quick stock trading ideas from investors in real time.

At first glance, StockTwits looks like a stream of Twitter updates from the community. The idea is, since stock trends move around a lot, getting real-time information and advice will help you move in on your investments much faster. For beginners in the stock market, this is a cool resource. For the professionals, this is another source that they can have open to check for latest updates.

latest stock updates

StockTwits is also more than a web app. You can also get updates from the desktop, iPad, smartphone, website widgets, browser extensions, and a WordPress plugin. This allows you to use StockTwit in whatever internet medium you choose. This is definitely a great productivity tool for any stock investor.


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