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Stitcher has just launched a huge update for their iOS app that adds a bunch of awesome new features that should have hardcore users rejoicing. These features include a new offline listening mode, episode comments, better social integration and more awesome stuff. If you are a fan of Stitcher, this is the update you have waited for.

The main feature of this update is offline play. When the app is open, it will automatically download new episodes of your favorite shows. This way, if you are driving through an area with no cellular signal, you will not have to stop listening to your favorite podcast. If limited amounts of data are an issue, you can set the app to sync only when connected to WiFi.

Another big feature of this update is the ability to leave and read comments on shows. This way, you can let the creators and other listeners know what you thought of an episode. You can also use this as a way to get an idea if a show is worth a shot. The feedback of others can provide valuable insight, and this new feature certainly encourages that.

Some other key features include improved search on iPad, better sharing to Facebook, and vast improvements to AirPlay and other connected devices. As with most updates, there are plenty of bug fixes and general improvements as well.


One last “feature” of note is the inclusion of relatively annoying ads that I never noticed before. They sit at the bottom of the screen right near the “pause” button.

Source: Stitcher

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