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Advertisement is a go to site for your leftovers. If you’re not sure whether that leftover shellfish or pasta is safe to eat StillPasty can help. It is an online food shelf life guide website where you may get info on how long your food and beverages can stay safe and tasty; what is the best way to store them; and how to interpret expiration dates.

To find shelf life information you can search by product name and browse site by food type like fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, nuts… etc. You can also read Q & A section where food related questions are answered. Moreover, if you have a question of your own you can submit them.

shelf life guide

shelf life information


  • Cool product shelf life information guide.
  • Search for shelf life info by product name or browse site by categories.
  • Check out Q & A section for answered questions.
  • Submit question or your own.
  • Free, no signup.

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