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Having trouble committing to something? How about turning your goals into a legally binding contracts! stickK is the website where you can set goals and commit to achieve them within certain period of time.

stickK - Track yout goals and resolutions

How It Works ?

    1. Make Commitment: Set your goal or resolution. This can be anything you want: quite smoking, start exercising, lose weight etc.

    2. Select contract type: One-shot contract or Ongoing contract.

    3. Set Stakes: Choose what will be at stake if you fail to attain your goal. You can choose to donate to charity, give money to friend or go with ‘no money at stake’.

    4. Choose Referee: Here you have an option to invite someone to verify your weekly progress reports. Again, if you want you can leave it ‘On Your Honor’ and be your own referee.

    5. Supporters: Invite other people to follow your progress.

    6. Confirm. If you have selected to have money at stake then at this step you will be asked to deposit necessary amount to stickK. If you fail to commit this amount will go to the place or person you chose at step 3. StickK will assess your progress on a weekly basis and deduct your balance only for the weeks you failed to commit. The remaining sum will be refunded back.

Stickk - Set Goals and Make Commitments

Additional Features

  • Track and manage your progress and commitments online.
  • Invite and share commitments with friends.
  • Every stickK contract is binding and can be cancelled for health reasons only (requires a signed note from your physician).
  • For more details and questions go to stickK FAQ page.

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