Stick This On Your PC – Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

stickies1   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your DesktopI used to be addicted to sticky notes. There I said it…

The kids in the mail room were bringing me a few new packs daily. I stuck them everywhere. On monitors, servers, laptops even on interns. (Hey I have problems remembering names more than IP addresses!)

So when I came across this simple <1MB application that brought stickies into my computer world I was in love. If you are a “sticky” person and have a need for a great sticky notes software then this is an application you won’t want to miss – and of course it is free. So go grab this Windows only installer from here.  You can visit their homepage here.

I’m sure you are all saying to yourself….stickies?  Really? This is your innovative software?

Stop your chuckling freeware loving reader because there is more to Stickies… Something your precious 3M pads can’t do. How about syncing your post-it notes across multiple machines? And how about for the low low price of free?

Yup Stickies makes use of Amazon’s web services and lets you bring your sticky notes to whatever machine you want!

Let’s check out Stickies simplistic goodness. You install it and then you get a little icon in your system tray like so:

stickies icon   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

When you click on the icon you will get this context menu where you can create notes, show all notes, delete them, modify your preferences and the option to Synchronize your notes online.

stickies options   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

You can change your stickies colors from the normal yellow to anything your sticky heart desires. As well as the font and transparency of the note.

stickies2   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

Under application settings you have the option to start Stickies Automagically when the system comes up and the option to use your own custom icon in the system tray – that is very cool and an option rarely seen in a programs preferences.

stickies3   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

This is the screen where you can configure your Amazon S3 account. You simply need to give it your Secret Access Key and your Access Key ID. Click the test button to verify you copied the information off your sticky pad correctly :).

stickies4   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

You can vary the color, font and transparency for each different sticky as seen below.

stickies5   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

So instead of your office looking like this:

stickies6   Stick This On Your PC   Sticky Notes For Your Desktop

Throw those stickies on your puter’! What are you guys using to remind you of stuff your meat computer won’t retain? Let us know in the comments.

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Unrelated –
I’ve got a .AVI file from a concert that I recorded on video, and I’d like to split it into chapters (based on acts) and burn it to a DVD. What sort of apps do you know of that will do this?


Just what I was looking for. Dude!

Karl L. Gechlik

Hey Dan – First off Very unrelated…

Secondly what burning software do you have on your machine now? What is your OS? I feel like i am fielding questions for over here now!


The Windows Fix

I wish I was on a desktop all day, so I could utilize something like this.


I think Notezilla has the best sticky style notes

what do you all think?

Karl L. Gechlik

I hate to rain on your parade but Notezillia is $30! Do you know how many REAL sticky pads I can get for that? (Well a lot because I don’t pay for them :) )


Good one …!!!
but i use Desktop Crawlers… user friendly, configurable .!!


Sorry for all to my reply to off topic @Dan you can use VIdsplitter,Easy Video Splitter,Naturpic video cutter to cuts AVI files.
I use Evernote to write notes it is very useful .


I must have bought it when it was on sale. i paid 14.99 for it and its well worth it in my opinion. Im sure if you know where to look you could get it for free but i try to support the developers i like.


Hott Notes folks. Have not tried the Stickies App yet but one really cool thing about Hott notes is you can paste URL’s inside a note and they are active when you click on them. Works like a charm.

Check it -

GTD Wannabe

Amazingly enough, there’s ANOTHER sticky notes program out there, called “stickies”. I’ve been using it for years:

I have no idea which program came first and thus gets to keep their name ;)


You can also use PNotes !



Thank You! I used to have that program as well and remember it kicking butt but I could not remember the name of it and my searching were proving fruitless. Yeah, PNotes is pretty sweet.



I’m using Powernotes, which is kind of cool. Before that I used Hotnotes (which I have yet to uninstall). I can’t tell you how many sticky apps I have.

I guess I can uninstall them now! Thanks! :)