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Do you drink 20 cups of tea per day? Maybe you can’t even contemplate getting out of bed without a bitter shot of caffeine to kickstart the day. Whatever your level of addiction, tea and coffee are two of life’s most socially acceptable little vices, and something that many of us depend on to get through a work day.

The culture and prevalence of tea and coffee throughout the world is an interesting topic and so is the history and science behind the beverages. We make no secret of our love for caffeine fixes here at MakeUseOf 7 Apps That Every Coffee Lover Should Own [iOS] 7 Apps That Every Coffee Lover Should Own [iOS] Almost everyone loves coffee. It helps us get going in the morning when we do not feel like getting out of bed. In fact, I am sitting at my desk sipping on a cup to... Read More , and we’ve even gone as far as giving away a Bosch coffee machine Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine Review and Giveaway Bosch Tassimo Coffee Machine Review and Giveaway As a technology professional, there a few things I consider as absolute essentials: a laptop, WiFi connection, and a cup of coffee. While some of us are content with intravenously injecting ever increasing amounts of... Read More , and that’s why today’s Stuff to Watch is best enjoyed with a hot drink of your choice.

I’ve managed to find 8 of the best tea and coffee themed videos on the web, so stick the kettle on and have a well-earned break while working through this list.

Tea Making Tips

In 1941 the British (and much of the world) was at war with Nazi Germany, but somehow they still managed to find time to make this public service announcement called “Tea Making Tips”. And who else but the British would create such a film? At just under 10 minutes long it’s a crash-course in making the perfect cup of tea.

The film has one main message – there’s no secret to making the perfect cup of tea, just a few pointers. At a time of war, massive loss and heavily rationed supplies making the most of what you had was an important part of life. If your tea-making skills leave little to be desired, watch this and become enlightened, 1940s-style.


Documentary: Tea and Coffee Society (Iran)

It would be wrong to assume it’s only the Commonwealth countries that drink tea on an almost religious scale, and another society that takes its tea very seriously is Iran. The film traces the route of coffee from the empire Iran once held to the first coffee plant exported to Brazil. The film isn’t heavy on dialogue, in fact there is no narration whatsoever.

Instead the film skips from one teahouse to the next, and offers an interesting glimpse into another culture’s love affair with hot beverages.

Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

As part of a series called Portraits in Dramatic Time by David Michalek, Alan Rickman of blockbuster fame (come on, Snape and the bad guy from the original Die Hard) is seen making a cup of tea and subsequently destroying it in dramatic slow motion.

The video series was initially created as part of a festival in 2011 and each was projected onto the Lincoln Center in New York City, though the whole series has yet to make it online. Come on David, let’s see the rest!

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

Believe it or not, coffee powers much of the Internet including this and many of your other favourite sites. While tea is the lubricant that keeps many of us working into the afternoon, without coffee mornings would probably be a write-off. I’m speaking for myself here, of course, but I’d like to drag a few others down with me.

If you’re also a coffee-lover by design, you’ll enjoy getting your fix in video form with this 3-minute long film that should teach you everything you need to know about nature’s best caffeinated beverage.

This is Coffee!

It was the English who made many of the first tea-themed public service films and who better to pay homage to coffee in similar form but America. This film was not just created by any old organisation – this is the work of the US Coffee Brewing Institute.

Released in 1961, this sepia-toned PSA is a celebration of the strong stuff. Best of all it’s free to download, keep or remix into your own projects as part of the Prelinger Archives Prelinger Archives: Thousands Of Old Films To Watch, Remix & Use In Your Own Projects [Stuff to Watch] Prelinger Archives: Thousands Of Old Films To Watch, Remix & Use In Your Own Projects [Stuff to Watch] In 1982, writer and filmmaker Rick Prelinger starting assembling a collection of films that would later become known as the Prelinger Archives. The films are all considered of cultural importance to the United States, depicting... Read More , so grab it here.

How To Drink Tea or Coffee In Space

Remember Don Pettit? He was the astronaut who spent around 6 months on the International Space Station, filming various zero-gravity experiments and documenting the life of an astronaut in general. His footage was so good I put together a Don Pettit-themed Stuff to Watch Science In Space: The Zero-Gravity Experiments of Don Pettit [Stuff to Watch] Science In Space: The Zero-Gravity Experiments of Don Pettit [Stuff to Watch] NASA astronaut Don Pettit has spent a total of 370 days in space, with his most recent off-world duty ending this July after spending nearly 6 months aboard the International Space Station. In addition to... Read More , featuring a video which I’m going to show again – drinking coffee in space.

This method would work for both tea and coffee, though only coffee is shown here. Your coffee addiction looks a little more pedestrian if NASA’s not prepared to send its astronauts into space without some fresh ground inspiration.

Coffee Science

An incredibly sweet and entertaining look at the job of a barista, from deciding what a coffee should taste like to what to charge and how to best brew the coffee. If you weren’t aware of the incredible detail that goes into a fine cup of coffee, this 5-minute documentary is for you.

Tealand, A Tea Documentary

With a few simple tips you can brew the perfect cup of tea at home, so why would you want to go to a tearoom? This documentary takes a look at the revival of the tea house in Britain, exploring old pre-Victorian buildings to businesses who try to keep as much to the original ethos of a tearoom as possible.

Also featured is Manchester’s monthly music night run by DJ and producre Mr Scruff, an evening that plays trip hop, funk and breakbeat while selling tea to revellers and raising some money for charity at the same time.

Alt titles:

Team & Coffee Lovers Unite: 8 Videos For Caffeine-Addicts [Stuff to Watch]
Keep Calm and Make A Brew: 8 Videos Celebrating Tea & Coffee [Stuff to Watch]
Celebrate Your Tea & Coffee Addictions With These 8 Videos [Stuff to Watch]
Put The Kettle On & Celebrate Your Tea or Coffee Addiction With These Videos [Stuff to Watch]

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