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Online mischief-makers focusing on social media love to take advantage of your emotions. They convince you that you can see your Facebook stalkers The Truth About the Stalker Tracker on Facebook The Truth About the Stalker Tracker on Facebook Read More , disguise themselves as political activists, and even use mourning to generate clicks. It’s no surprise, then, that scammers have been quick to latch on to the death of Steve Jobs.

There are a few scams known to be circulating the Internet right now. Perhaps the most widely known so far combines two powerful forces – the death of a public figure, and free stuff. It propagates on Facebook in the form of a link that claims Apple is offering free iPads, which sends you to a survey Make Free Professional Online Surveys With Survey Monkey Make Free Professional Online Surveys With Survey Monkey Read More . Another scam claims that if you enter your email address, you’ll have the chance to win a free MacBook Pro.



Yet another dupe, spotted online by a Kaspersky Lab’s employee, involves a website that claims to have photos of Steve Job’s funeral and coffin, as well as other details. Again, visitors are prompted for their email address in exchange for a chance to win free Apple products.


All of these scams are relatively low on the scale of potential security threats, but high on potential annoyance. They exist to harvest email addresses and sell them to spammers, or make money through affiliate programs.

That’s not to say a scam using the death of Steve Jobs couldn’t be a security issue, however. Malicious websites containing exploits are common. As usual, it’s best to be careful, and approach unknown Facebook links with caution.

Source: Time Techland

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