Step Into An Alternate Reality Universe With Google’s Massively Multi-player Online Game Called Ingress [Updates]

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In a surprising development, Google has launched an alternate reality game, and that too on the Android. Surprising because, one does not really associate Google as a game development company. But Google has just gone and launched Ingress as a free mobile app. Ingress is in closed beta right now, though you can request an invite at the website which is enticing enough. If you have the invite, the Google Play Store is just a step away for you to download the free Android app.

The Ingress app is like a ‘gateway’ or a portal into an alternate reality universe. But in a radical departure from other MMO games, the gameplay here is also connected to the real world where you have to physically move yourself around to collect objects and team-up with other players.

But begin by choosing between one of two sides – the Enlightened and the Resistance.  The arch nemesis (depending on the side you choose) is a mysterious all-powerful entity. The Enlightened want to embrace this power, while the Resistance want to preserve humanity the way it is. Both sides have to move through the real world to collect objects and form alliances with other players and win the ultimate goal.

The game story will constantly evolve as players ‘team up’ around the world and dictate the progress of the game on a global map. What’s interesting is that thanks to the commonality of the free Android app, the game could create communities as alliances across neighborhoods, cities, and countries will be needed to achieve the ultimate victory.

Source: Ingress via AllThingsD

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