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Independent Flash games certainly have an audience – we all try out interesting Flash games we have not heard of before. But creating Flash games is not exactly easy. Writing extremely lengthy code, debugging it, and going back and forth is a very time-consuming process. Here to make matters much easier for Flash game developers is a tool called Stencyl.

flash game creator

Stencyl is a desktop application for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. The desktop lets you build a Flash game by creating the game’s atmosphere and dragging the relevant blocks that the game offers. In a way, you have the entire game studio in a virtual box – all you have to do is be creative with the game concept and design. No coding is required because all you have to do is snap blocks together. You can preview your created games to check if everything is how you want it to be. Finished games can be published on Stencyl’s site to be showcased to others.

flash game builder

Fro more info watch demo video:



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