Steam Releases Big Picture & Celebrates With Big Sale [Updates]

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Steam wants to be in your living room. To make this happen, the service has officially released a new interface mode known as “Big Picture.” Similar in appearance and function to Windows Media Center, Big Picture is built to be used with a game controller on a 720p or 1080p HDTV. The entire interface has been revised to make Steam features accessible without a keyboard or mouse.

This feature was previously available to users who participate in Steam’s beta but it is now available to everyone. It is acquired automatically as part of the latest Steam update and can be launched by clicking the new “Big Picture” icon in the upper right corner of the client.

To celebrate the release of this feature, Steam has placed a number of controller-friendly titles on sale. Highlights include Portal 2 for $4.99, Left4Dead 2 for $4.99, Space Marine for $7.49 and Alan Wake for $7.50. A total of 38 games are on sale for as much as 75% off.  All of the games are fully compatible with a gamepad, though they are not the only compatible games.

Even games that are not purchased through Steam can be launched with the new interface if they are added to a user’s Steam library. They will not be eligible for Steam-exclusive features like Steam Cloud, however, even if the game can potentially be purchased through the service.

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Steam is the only way to buy games for PC anymore.


Jorge RGs

i just love the Big Picture interface, very clean and easy to use, even better with a joypad :)



cool to have them on steam


Mac Witty

Steam is great on Windows but too slow on Mac.



steam for LINUX!!

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