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The news these days is dominated by the economy and politics. Although this news of course is important and affects us all, it is not very exciting. Besides, this news tends to be negative or neutral at best.

News from the sciences is different. Although there are also the negative aspects, there’s always a spark of hope, a look into the future, innovation, adventure, understanding principles or discovering new things involved – and that is exciting!

If you’re wondering what’s up the sleeve of the sciences, what will become standard technology in a few years from now, which diseases you won’t have to be scared from in the future, and how much more (un)comfortable our lives could be in the coming decade, make it a habit to read one of these top 3 science news pages on a regular basis.

BBC News Science & EnvironmentBBC News Technology

The BBC is required by its charter to remain free from political and commercial influence. It is thus an independent news source.

In general, articles are not too long, often complemented by a short video coverage.

The BBC frontpage can be individualized, only showing the topics you’re interested in.


bbc news

You can subscribe to BBC Science & Environment and Technology news via RSS.

Science News

This website here has a more traditional newspaper / magazine layout, which is not surprising, as it is the digital edition of the bi-weekly Science News magazine, which has been published since 1922.

The website is updated every weekday, which makes it a little less up to date than the other two services.

Topics include Atom & Cosmos, Genes & Cells, Molecules, Life, Matter & Energy, and Science News for Kids among others. The news section for kids makes this service outstanding.

Science News

You can subscribe to the Science News using RSS.

Science Daily

Here we have a dedicated online science news service that is frequently updated on a daily basis.

The frontpage contains the day’s top science news, headlines from earlier “editions” and top stories sorted by topic. The top stories are updated, i.e. a new edition is launched every 3 hours, and up to eight editions or 24 hours can be viewed.

In many news articles of Science Daily you’ll find full journal references, as seen in research publications. A set of related topics and references are recommended as “see also” and related stories are listed in the sidebar.

science daily

In addition to news, the site can be browsed for articles, videos, images and books, either by top stories or specific topics. Available topics are Health & Medicine, Mind & Brain, Plants & Animals, Earth & Climate, Space & Time, Matter & Energy, Computers & Math, and Fossils & Ruins. Each of these contains a set a subcategories.

Articles are interesting for those who would like to extend their horizons on a specific topic.

So you see, there is no shortage of information to be absorbed. The site offers daily or weekly eMail newsletter subscriptions or an hourly updated RSS newsfeed subscription .

What part of science fascinates you the most?   Have you found a science website which caters to that area?  If so, tell us about it.

Image credits: fcarrero99

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