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There is no doubt about the fact that Flickr is the most wonderful tool to upload photos to the web and share it with others. Plus it’s the most popular too.

If you love uploading photos to Flickr, and have been using for sometime now, maybe 2-3 years then you’ll know that although it’s a great tool to preserve your photos online and share it, if you want to be nostalgic and navigate through old photos in Flickr and revisit those moments in your life, it may not be very easy and could be time-consuming.

Here comes a nice tool whose job is to surprise you with those old Flickr photos and help you cherish those forgotten moments again. It’s known as Photojojo’s Time Capsule. It automatically emails you with those old photos in your Flickr account.


What this app does is that it looks at your old Flickr photos (depending upon how old your Flickr account is), where the minimum time frame of 3 months and maximum 1 year is and then it picks the ones that are most interesting “” the ones that got viewed the most, favorited the most, and commented on the most “” and sends them to you in an email every couple of weeks.

Here are the steps to set it up :-


1: Got to Photojojo’s Time Capsule and click on Get Started.

2: Then it will ask you to sign into your Flickr account through your Yahoo ID. Do it.

3: Now it will ask you to authorize it for accessing your Flickr photos. You can allow it so it gets permission to check your photos.


4: The last step is where you enter the email address at which you’d like to receive the photos and how old those photos should be. Ideally it should be one year, however as I mentioned, it depends on the age of your Flickr account.

As you can see in the screenshot below, since my Flickr account is not even 6 months old (I don’t use a whole lot of Flickr but planning to use it more soon!), it suggests to me to select a 3 months time frame.


So as I add more photos and wait for my Flickr account to get older so that I receive those older photos, you can go ahead and set it up and experience some nostalgia every two weeks :)

If you know of any similar services, please do leave a comment about it.

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