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Plugging data into a spreadsheet is simple. It might be a little tedious, and it is certainly not fun, but it’s a job anyone can figure out how to do in a relatively short amount of time. However, generating meaningful insights from that data is a much more difficult thing to do. There is always plenty of information that can be extrapolated from data, but just looking at it and trying to find correlations is tough.

That’s where the website Statwing comes into play. It looks at data uploaded and find useful correlations from it.


To use Statwing, all you need to do is upload a spreadsheet or csv, and it will scan the data for you. From there, it will take you to a screen where you can explore the data in a way you just cannot do with a simple spreadsheet. You can look for connections between different pieces of data. Statwing offers a demonstration based on data from travelers on the Titanic. You can easily see how powerful it is when you look for ways different pieces of data connect.


Statwing can make all kinds of useful and interesting graphs and charts for the data. For example, with the demonstration, you can click “Fare Paid For Ticket” and “Survived.” From there, you can click relate, and Statwing will show that there is a clear connection between how much someone spent on a ticket and whether they survived the shipwreck.



  • Get detailed analysis of any dataset.
  • Compare and describe the data.
  • View charts and graphs of the dataset.
  • Easy to digest the data offered.

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