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Have you ever wanted a detailed breakdown of all the statuses you’ve posted on Facebook? With StatusHistory you will get just that. It will parse your Facebook for every status update you have made and give you detailed facts and figures. It will also let you search through your statuses and find individual ones based on which friends commented or liked it. You can also run a keyword search in your statuses.


The coolest feature of the site is the statistics it provides. It tells you information such as what percentage of your friends comment and like your status and the total number of statuses you have posted. In addition to percentages, it also tells you which friends have commented on your statuses the most, and which ones have liked the most statuses. It’s an interesting way to find out who your real friends are.

You can also share the results on Facebook and let your friends know who the top commenters are.


  • Scans Facebook statuses and makes them searchable.
  • Gives stats about your statuses.
  • Tells you which friends comment and like the most.
  • Gives total percentage of friends who comment and like statuses.

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