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Part of what makes Foursquare so cool is that it allows you to check in wherever you are, and when others come they can see that you have been there. However, what if you do not want your name attached to a place, but you still want to leave your mark for others to find? Stashpix is designed for just this reason. You take a picture that is marked with a place, and others who come there will be able to check out pictures left there.


While it might resemble a social network, Stashpix most certainly is not. You do not attach your name to a picture when you leave it. You simply take the picture and move on with your life knowing that someone is going to discover what you left there. For example, you could be at a restaurant and take a picture of your favorite item on the menu for someone else to find.

You can also use the tools for other creative means such as a scavenger hunt. If you want, you can leave your email address for someone to contact you about your image. Using the app is open to your interpretation, and that is what makes it so cool.


  • Leave images at all of your favorite locations for others to find.
  • Leave your email address with your pictures if you choose.
  • Look at other people‚Äôs pictures when you arrive at a place.
  • Think of your own way to make use of the app.

Find Stashpix on the iTunes App Store

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