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Stash is a useful extension for Google Chrome users who happen to encounter the problem of having to deal with too many tabs at the same time. The app is also a bundle of help for people who live in places where electricity shortages kills power and the user ends up losing all the tabs.

recover tabs chrome

Once you download Stash, a small icon will appear in the extension’s area, right next to the address bar. When you have opened up all the tabs you want to stash, just use the “Stash” extension option to place them all into one group, which you can quickly recover next time.

However, once you un-stash a group (open the stash) you will not be able to recover them if your browser is accidentally closed or whatever the reason may be.

A good future update should include the option to save your stash that would allow users to not only recover them easily and quickly, but anytime as well.


  • Group bundle of tabs into one group and recover anytime later.
  • More than one stash can be saved.
  • Stash is saved even after browser is closed – however, once un-stashed the stash is gone.

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