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Does your Windows computer take a very long time to boot? Sometimes, this is caused by bloatware applications that you do not really want running on your system. You can solve this problem by just identifying and  disabling these unwanted programs from your startup list. However the challenging part is knowing which items to disable as you can unintentionally choose an important system file that your computer needs to run.

identify bloatware

The Startup Application List from provides a comprehensive and accurate list of startup items, which can help you identify what these programs do. This way you can be sure if they are safe to disable.

The Startup Application List has over 22,000 entries and is still continuously updated. You can use the search function to easily find an entry. Aside from the command or data name, the site also shows the name of the item or how it is displayed in MSConfig, Windows Defender, or in the registry “Run” keys.

This web resource is very useful when troubleshooting your computer but you still need to be extra careful in the changes that you make. Make sure that you know what you are doing when removing these programs from your computer.


  • Helps you identify bloatware applications.
  • Provides a comprehensive list of startup items and their descriptions.
  • Search from over 22,000 entries that are constantly updated.
  • Classifies each entry for easier identification.
  • Free, no signup is required.

Check out StartupList @

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