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Google is an excellent search engine. But the fact that it can record search queries might make some of its users uncomfortable. If you want search the web anonymously, you should pay a visit to StartingPage.

anonymously search the web

StartingPage is a free web service that lets you perform Google searches anonymously. The site acts as a proxy between you and Google. The results appear in the same way as they would on Google and you can search for direct links, pictures, and videos related to your query. You can access the advanced search controls and better control the search results by specifying things like the domain of the results, date, language, and file type.

anonymously search google


  • Lets you search the web anonymously .
  • Acts as a proxy between you and Google Search.
  • You can search for websites, pictures, and videos.
  • Similar tools: Yauba, Startpage and QuietAgent.

Check out StartingPage @


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