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Whether you are designing your website or an installable application, you can apply unique textures to the background of your project for the end user’s visual pleasure. Designers spend a good deal of time looking for free design resources online. One site that catalogues and offers high quality texture collection is StarTextures.

textures collection

StarTextures is a website that hosts many high quality textures. Unlike other similar sites that gather textures from around the web, this website only includes textures that are shot by their own photographers. This guarantees that the images you find on the site will be unique.

Each image is categorized into a relevant field. These categories include brick, frames, glass, water, wood, and more. With each texture you can view its upload date, its number of views, and the number of times it was downloaded. You can download each texture in 3 different sizes: medium, large, and full size.

All downloaded textures can be used for free in any project you desire.

unique textures


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