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For all you coffee and iPhone addicts, Starbucks and Apple have partnered up again to offer a free weekly paid iPhone app from the iTunes App Store, starting August 23rd. The promotion is similar to the weekly iTunes song download available at Starbucks each week. Apple and Starbucks kicked off this free music track promotion back in 2008, where they made available a Pick of the Week card with the promotional code for a selected song. The free iPhone app promotion will work in a similar fashion.

The first giveaway will be the pro version of Shazam Encore, a music identification app that sells for $5.99. To use Shazam, you simply launch the application, tap the home screen, and hold your iPhone near the speaker for the song that you want Shazam 5 Awesome Android Applications That Could Make Life Easier 5 Awesome Android Applications That Could Make Life Easier Read More to hear and identify by name, artist(s) and other information. You can use the app to purchase songs directly from iTunes, check out related videos, link to song lyrics, and share information with your friends.

The paid upgrade version includes unlimited tagging, scrolling lyrics, music recommendations, and Pandora and Spotify integration.


According to CNET :

To get the free apps, you’ll need to head to your local Starbucks, connect to their Wi-Fi network, and click into the Starbucks Digital Network. A shortcut for iPhone owners is to use the official Starbucks app (free), which has a direct link into the Starbucks Digital Network.

It appears as though the free app promotion will not require a coffee purchase at Starbucks.

Source: CNET

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    October 10, 2011 at 10:50 am

    That's a good one.