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Cleaning up hard-to-remove stains can be very puzzling and annoying at the same time. With too many varieties of stain ranging from ink blots, blood, grease to coffee, there should be an easy way to find an answer for all of these. Fortunately, Stain Solutions is a comprehensive website that provides information on how to remove any stain.

how to remove any stain

All stains are listed on one page from A to Z. For each stain, you can read the specific direction and a list of ingredients you will need to remove them. There are also separate directions depending on what the stain is on (i.e. fabrics, upholstery). If the solution does not work, there are also alternative methods listed on the website.

how to remove any stain

Stain Solutions offers very detailed instructions on removing stains, making it especially useful for mothers who need all the help they can get to make stain-cleaning easier. This is also a cool reference for anyone who wants to learn how to treat different stains, as you will soon find out that cleaning stains is very methodical.

how to remove any stain



  • Find a solution for all stain cleaning problems.
  • Browse for different stains.
  • Directions available for different materials that were stained.
  • Find ingredients for cleaning solutions.
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