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If you are looking for a better way to manage staff attendance, then the Internet has a number of useful services on offer. One of these services is the user-friendly Staffnote.

manage staff attendance

Staffnote is a free to use web service that provides you with an easy way to manage your staff’s attendance and communicate with them via messages and notes in a secure interface. After you create an account on the website you can add staff members to your Staffnote page.  You assign a special password to each member so they can sign in and out of Staffnote and have their attendance recorded. You can view the complete attendance log for each member.

staff attendance tracker

Along with attendance you can give members special badges and track their punctuality and progress by visiting their Staffnote profile. In addition to all these features, Staffnote lets you interact with your staff members through messages and notes that can be left on the company’s Staffnote page.


  • A user friendly staff attendance tracker online..
  • Lets you manage your staff’s attendance.
  • Lets you track the attendance log of individual staff members.
  • Lets you communicate with staff members through messages and notes.
  • Displays the progress of each staff members on his/her Staffnote profile page.
  • Similar tools: HRLocker, ShiftPlanning, FindMyShift, WhosOff and RotaBoard.

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