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visual bookmarkLet me paint a picture for you. You’re arguing with a friend of yours, trying to prove a point. So you start Googling, and before you know it you have 4 or 5 links to some great pages that really back you up. What do you do? You copy and paste the links to your friend one by one and then hope that he opens and reads them all. How is there not an easier way to do this?

There is, and it’s called Sqworl. The example I used above is just one of many different uses you could find for Sqworl, which lets you combine multiple site URLs into a single link.  Angela also recently discussed Shorten Multiple Weblinks Into One With BridgeURL Shorten Multiple Weblinks Into One With BridgeURL Read More a similar service called BridgeURL. In this article, I’ll show you Sqworl and how to use it in general.

How Does Sqworl Work?

visual bookmark

To start using Sqworl, the first thing I recommend you do is head over to the homepage and click register. You’ll be taken to a simple signup page where you can choose a username and create a password. Do that and click Sign Up and you’re all set.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to your homepage. Since you’re new to Sqworl, you won’t have any Groups yet. Groups are collections of links you’ve bookmarked. Since Sqworl lets you see everything you’ve saved or shared with others, you will probably revisit this page in the future.

To create a Group, click on the link that says “Add some, plz!” and you’ll be taken to Sqworl’s Add page. Once there, you’re prompted for the title and description of the Group you would like to create.

You can fill in whatever you like here, but it would be best to use this space to describe the group of links you are going to bookmark so you can easily find them later. What are all those links about? What do they have in common?

visual bookmarking sites

Click start and you can begin adding links to the Group. Just paste in the URLs one by one and add an optional description for each. Click the add button after each one to add it to your Group.

visual bookmarking sites

When you’re done adding links, you can use a single public URL to share them all at once or bookmark them easily. When you share your link, others will be taken to a page where they can see thumbnails of all the sites you added to the Group. Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the site, just as if you shared a URL with the person.

visual bookmarking sites

To view the example “Sports Sites” link I created, check it out:

Other Uses For Sqworl

visual bookmark

Are you starting to get an idea of how you could use Sqworl? Like I said, it has many potential uses. You could use Sqworl to make a personalized homepage for yourself, take notes when comparing items, create a step-by-step tutorial for others, and much more.


To make things even easier, Sqworl also has a Bookmarklet that will allow you to add the URL you’re currently viewing to one of your Sqworl groups without leaving the webpage. It even lets you create a new group on the spot. Also, if you have an iPhone you can check out Sqworl mobile.

Sqworl is one of the most simple, yet effective tools I’ve come across in a long while. It’s very easy to use and it makes sharing links and visual bookmarking a better experience.

What do you think of Sqworl? What will you be using it for?

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  1. tuku
    December 27, 2010 at 8:16 am

    also try - visually more attractive than Sqworl.

    • Steve Campbell
      January 3, 2011 at 2:32 am

      Also a great site, thanks for sharing!

  2. tuku
    December 27, 2010 at 9:16 am

    also try - visually more attractive than Sqworl.