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Most of your friends on popular online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are people that you do not actually spend time with. Many of those contacts you do not even come into contact with for ages – or ever. If you feel the need for a social network that connects you with your real friends and helps you spend more time with them, you should check out a network called sqWiggle.

sqWiggle is a new social network that focuses on spending time with your real friends. You start by creating an account on the site which be made by entering your details or by using your Facebook or Twitter account. Once your account has been created, you can sign in and begin adding other sqWiggle users as friends. Since the network is new, many friends will not be on the network thus you are given email and other options to invite friends over.

The network encourage streaming your webcam feed so you can conference with your close friends. The feed can be enabled but optionally hidden from your friends. For better sharing and correspondence, the networks lets you sort friends into groups.


  • A user-friendly online web service.
  • An online social network for you and your close friends.
  • Encourages spending time with friends on the networks.
  • Supports video streaming.
  • Lets you sort friends into groups.

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